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1. Inmate saves 1-year-old baby from locked SUV using his car theft skills

NEW PORT RICHEY, Florida - A group of deputies and some unlikely good Samaritans rushed to help save a 1-year-old locked in an SUV in New Port Richey, Florida. One inmate used a clothes hanger to unlock the door within minutes. Sheriff Chris Nocco admits it was a unique situation, allowing an inmate to use his skill set to break into a car for the right reasons.

2. Australia to plant 1 billion trees to help meet climate targets

SYDNEY - Australia aims to plant a billion trees by 2050 as part of a new forestry plan the government says will help the country meet its Paris Agreement climate targets. A sod-turning spree on that scale would contribute to the removal of 18 million tonnes of greenhouse gas per year by 2030 in a country currently producing in excess of 500 million tonnes of CO2-equivalent per year. Australia has the seventh-largest forested area in the world covering 17 per cent of its land area, according to the government's 2018 State of the Forests report.

3. Google backtracks on Chrome modifications that would have crippled ad blockers

A study analyzing the performance of Chrome ad blocker extensions published on Friday has proven wrong claims made by Google developers last month, when a controversy broke out surrounding their decision to modify the Chrome browser in such a way that would have eventually killed off ad blockers and many other extensions. It took some time before ad blocker developers caught on to what this meant, but when they did, all hell broke loose, with both extension developers and regular users accusing the browser maker of trying to kill third-party ad blockers for the detriment of Chrome's new built-in ad blocker. Following the publication of this study, Google engineers made it official on a Google Groups posting hours later, announcing a relaxation of the Manifest V3 changes that would have impacted ad blockers.

4. Gay mayor accused of sexual harassment as #MeToo reckoning comes to West Hollywood

For years, Mayor John Duran has been a public avatar for West Hollywood's cheekily sexual culture. Amid new allegations of sexual harassment against Duran by members of the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, some West Hollywood residents and politicians are saying enough is enough and that times have changed. Protesters are planning to converge on the City Council meeting Tuesday to call for Duran's ouster and call for action in another scandal: the recent deaths of two gay black men in the West Hollywood apartment of Ed Buck, a white, wealthy Democratic donor and LGBTQ activist.

5. Father at centre of measles outbreak didn't vaccinate children due to autism fears

Emmanuel Bilodeau said he neglected to get his children vaccinated for measles because he and his then-wife were concerned about reports of a link with autism. In an exclusive interview with CBC News, Emmanuel Bilodeau said he and his then-wife were influenced by reports that linked the vaccine that prevents measles, mumps and rubella with autism. A blood test ordered by VCH has since confirmed his youngest son has measles, and the other two are still waiting for confirmation, Bilodeau said.

6. Police: Woman raped teen as man held him down

A man and woman are facing charges after police say the woman raped a boy while the man held him down. BUFFALO MILLS, Pa. - A man and woman are facing charges after police say the woman raped a boy while the man held him down. Police say the victim contacted police and told them he had been raped by 24-year-old Brittany Sheetz of Buffalo Mills back in December at a residence on Milligan's Cove Road. Police say the victim told them that Sheetz had given him alcohol and then sexually assaulted him while 36-year-old Derek Edwards held him down in a bedroom.

7. Anthony Weiner Released from Prison Early After Teen Sexting Case

Former congressman Anthony Weiner was released from federal prison several months early from his prison sentence for sexting a 15-year-old girl, according to TMZ. The gossip website reports that Weiner, 54, is either under home confinement or in a halfway house after his transfer out of the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Mass. While Weiner's original release date was May 14, he was released for good behavior, per TMZ. Weiner pleaded guilty to a federal obscenity charge in May 2017 and was sentenced to 21 months in September of that year. His long-suffering wife, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, filed for divorce mere hours after his guilty plea.

8. California man sentenced to prison for starting wildfire that forced over 7,000 to evacuate

Brandon McGlover, 33, pleaded guilty to two counts of arson to a structure or forest land on Thursday in connection to the Cranston Fire, which unfolded last July in Riverside County. The Cranston fire took place during a devastating summer for California, which saw at least six other major fires ravage the state. A few months after the Cranston fire, the Woolsey fire destroyed the homes of a number of Hollywood's biggest names, including Miley Cyrus, Gerard Butler and Robin Thicke.

9. Karl Marx: Monument vandalised for second time in two weeks

PA Karl Marx's memorial in Highgate Cemetery has been vandalised for the second time in two weeks. Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust said the German philosopher's memorial would "Never be the same again", after what it described as "a deliberate and sustained attack" earlier in the month. Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust In 1970 a pipe bomb blew up part of the plaque's marble face, that was first used for Marx's wife Jenny von Westphalen in 1881.The plaque was subsequently moved when both Marx and his wife were exhumed and moved to a more prominent location within the cemetery in 1954.It has also been covered in Swastikas and emulsion paint has been thrown at it, in the past.

11. Teachers call for support amid 'escalating crisis' of classroom violence

Last fall, a Grade 2 teacher was with her class when a student planted himself in front of the doorway. The teacher recalled an incident when a seven-year-old boy was hitting other students with a shovel in the schoolyard. The teacher called for help from staff, but in the meantime, stood motionless in the hopes the boy wouldn't turn his attention back to the students.

12. Venezuela Is Unraveling--So Is Its Science

In January Juan Guaidó-president of Venezuela's National Assembly and a leader of the opposition-declared himself interim president of Venezuela and called for new elections, and the country's political situation remains extremely tense and chaotic. "We need time to think about science. In Venezuela that's not possible. It's kind of difficult to think about science when you need to find food to eat." "At all levels of the national scientific establishment, inexperienced professionals with little scientific or technical knowledge or background have been assigned to positions of authority," says Ruth Castillo Ochoa, a philosopher of physics who left Venezuela in 2017 after she says the lack of food and basic services-combined with military repression-made life unbearable.

13. F.B.I. Learned of Gunman’s Hatred of Women Months Before Attack at Yoga Studio

Although Mr. Beierle had searched online for pornographic yoga content as well as locations and schedules of yoga studios in Tallahassee, the department concluded that there was no evidence he had specifically targeted any individual. Days before the shooting, Mr. Beierle purchased a yoga mat and ear plugs at a Walmart and checked into a hotel, according to the police. Then Mr. Beirele went to Hot Yoga Tallahassee, arriving at 5:29 p.m.Minutes later, Mr. Beierle shot Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, 61, a faculty member at Florida State, and Maura Binkley, 21, a student there, killing them both.

14. Citizen scientists discover strange new world that pro astronomers missed

The newfound exoplanet orbits a small red star 226 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Taurus. The breakthrough came in 2016, when members of a volunteer organization called Exoplanet Explorers took a close look at the archived Kepler observations, including some that mission scientists had deemed worthless because they were collected while the telescope was settling into a new position. "Citizen scientists are very complete - very good at finding every little blip in the data," Jessie Christiansen, an astronomer at Caltech and a co-founder of Exoplanet Explorers, said in an email.

15. 4 dead after 12-hour hostage standoff in Mississippi, city spokesman says

Clinton, Miss. - Authorities said Saturday four people are dead and a suspect is in custody after a domestic dispute in Mississippi led to a fatal hostage standoff. The street was at one point flooded with first responder cars while a man was believed to have held multiple people hostage for almost 12 hours, CBS Jackson, Mississippi affiliate WJTV reports. Clinton city spokesman Mark Jones says the incident began about 2:30 a.m. Saturday inside a Clinton home and lasted for about 12 hours.

18. Iran's Zarif accuses Israel, U.S. of seeking war

Accusing Israel of violating international law after bombing campaigns in Syria, Zarif criticized European powers for not calling out Israel and the United States for their behavior in the region. Zarif said the U.S. had an "Unhealthy" and "Pathological obsession" with Iran and accused Pence of trying to bully his allies. "All in the name of containing Iran, the U.S. claims, and some blindly parrot, that it is Iran that is interfering in the region, but has it been asked whose region?" Zarif said.

19. Russian Flag Is Unfurled on Salisbury Cathedral. Residents See a Morbid Prank.

Feb. 17, 2019.LONDON - Two weeks before the anniversary of a nerve agent attack against a former Russian spy in Salisbury, England, someone unfurled a large Russian flag on the city's cathedral overnight, in what residents took to be a mockery of the ordeal they suffered last year. The Russian authorities, who denied responsibility for the attack on Mr. Skripal, took a defiant, mocking tone throughout the investigation, even when the attackers were revealed to be decorated officers in Russia's military intelligence service. Last month, a Russian toymaker released a board game called Our Guys in Salisbury, in which players race to move figures resembling the two men charged in the attack, Anatoly Chepiga and Aleksandr Mishkin, to a spray bottle bearing a green skull and crossbones.

20. Sandy City has been cited by DEQ after tap water found contaminated with lead, copper and fluoride

Sandy City has been cited by the state Department of Environmental Quality after tests found high levels of lead, copper and fluoride in its water systems and is advising residents to not drink the water or use it for cooking until they receive confirmation it is safe. After DEQ officials announced the lead and copper contamination Friday evening, the city said those in the affected area - from 10600 South to 11400 South and 700 East to 2000 East - could use tap water after flushing their water systems. The highest lead results from the water samples taken before city flushed the water system was 394 micrograms per liter.

21. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg back at court after cancer bout

WASHINGTON - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returned to the court on Friday for the first time after weeks of recuperating from lung cancer surgery and missing oral arguments in January, a court official said on Friday. Ginsburg, who joined the court in 1993, underwent a surgical procedure called a pulmonary lobectomy on Dec. 21 at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York to remove two cancerous nodules in her left lung. Ginsburg was treated in 1999 for colon cancer and again in 2009 for pancreatic cancer.

22. Alabama jury awards $152 million in Ford Explorer rollover case

NEW YORK - An Alabama jury awarded $151.8 million to a young man paralyzed in 2015 rollover accident involving a Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle, Ford and lawyers in the case said on Sunday. The jury awarded $100 million in punitive damages and the rest in compensatory damages after finding on Friday that the 1998 Ford Explorer did not meet Ford's own safety guidelines and that Ford "Acted wantonly" in designing the vehicle, according to a court document seen by Reuters and lawyers for plaintiff Travaris "Tre" Smith. "Our sympathy goes out to Travaris Smith and his family. At the same time, we disagree with the jury's conclusion in this case as well as with a series of rulings by the Alabama court that kept the jury from hearing critical evidence - and will appeal," Ford spokeswoman Monique Brentley said in a statement to Reuters.

23. Uber driver almost delivers fentanyl unwittingly

An Uber driver nearly became an unwitting courier for a drug delivery after he was asked to drive a box of sneakers with a stash of suspected fentanyl from San Francisco to Tiburon, authorities said Saturday. When the driver arrived at the San Francisco location a man greeted him and asked that he deliver a shoebox to the woman who had requested the ride, according to sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Brenton Schneider. As the driver was crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, the rideshare was suddenly canceled and the driver became nervous on what might be in the box.

25. Ocean Infinity Locates the Wreck of the Stellar Daisy

Ocean Infinity, the next generation seabed survey and ocean exploration company, has successfully. Located the wreck of the lost South Korean tanker, Stellar Daisy, at a depth of 3461 meter in the South Atlantic Ocean, approximately 1800 nautical miles due west of Cape Town. Representatives of both The Government of South Korea, who awarded Ocean Infinity the. Ocean Infinity's AUVs are the most technologically advanced in the world. Oliver Plunkett, Ocean Infinity's CEO, said:"We are pleased to report that we have located Stellar Daisy, in particular for our client, the South.Korean Government, but also for the families of those who lost loved ones in this tragedy. This.operation is further testament to Ocean Infinity's leading, technology led, search capability. Through.the deployment of multiple state of the art AUVs, we are covering the seabed with unprecedented.speed and accuracy. I would like to thank the Government of South Korea for their support, as well as all of the team onboard Seabed Constructor."